Iame X30 Super 175CC Compleet 43PK

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Iame X30 Super 175CC 43PK automaat. electrisch gestart.

- Selettra Digital S ignition plant
- H.T. coil/Electronicbox “N” with vibration dampers
-NGK BR10EG sparkplug and PVL cap
-Centrifugal clutchgroup with Z11 detachable sprocket
-Tillotson HB-­‐10A (Ø34mm)
-Exhaust manifold Exhaust silencer mod. X30 Super
-Electric starter motor with support
-Cables harness with Start/Stop buttons and connectors
-Buttons bracket with safety shield
-Battery support with clamps
-Velcro strap
-Rubber pads for battery

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